Photos are an important part of a website. But how to organize, sort, crop, optimize, and just plain view them presents so many options it can be overwhelming.

Did you pay for that stock photo?

Do you randomly download photos from Google images or who-knows-where-else and put them on your website? Yeah, you probably want to stop doing that.


I've been using (and loving) iStockPhoto for ages. It's a great place to give your site that extra kick -- if you choose the right images.

Image Captions

I often get requests for the ability to add image captions to images. Technically, it's a bit of a pain, so I usually recommend to just put some text under the photo or next to it. Better yet, use a photo gallery (e.g. NextGen). I just ran across the Image Caption Easy plugin and so [...]

Vector Magic

I'm not a print designer, but occasionally I need a vector graphic for something and I have to open up Illustrator and then days seem to go by. No food, no water, just me and my vector graphic. Check out this fancy-pants online tool: vector magic.

G2 Remote

Do you know about Gallery Remote? It's a handy desktop interface so that you can upload entire folders of images to a site. I use it for my personal ( photography site (with Xoops, but no difference, really). I could not upkeep my site otherwise; it would take too long to upload images one by [...]


Full-featured photo gallery. Also as plugin for WordPress.

Emailing Large Files

With more and more high-quality digital photos, movies, and audio files, people want to email larger and larger files. Many ISPs conk out if you try to send (or receive) attachments over 10 MB or so. Or your server might just decide to do some spring cleaning and remove all large and/or old attachments. There's [...]

WP :: Photos

I've been happily integrating Gallery2 into WordPress lately and it's working well. However, it's overkill for someone who just wants to put up a few photos in a few albums (and doesn't need fancy-pants watermarks, integration with shopping carts, etc.). Just found a few that look promising: Plogger Example WP Integration Simple Viewer Example WP [...]

Drupal :: Photos, Galleries, and Modules

Here's an update on photos, photo galleries/albums, easy uploading, photo resizing, etc. in Drupal. 1.) Image Module The basic Drupal module, together with Image Assist. :|: Pros Very integrated with Drupal; so easy to insert images into regular entries Easy to upload (one at a time) Sidebar integration ("Random Photo") :|: Cons No multiple upload [...]

G2 :: Uploading Photos Using Windows XP

If you're on Windows XP, there's a fantastic uploading tool built into G2 (and XP) that allows you to easily resize, optimize, and upload lots of photos to your website. Here's the video.

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