Gallery2 (G2) is photo album/gallery software.

Image Captions

I often get requests for the ability to add image captions to images. Technically, it's a bit of a pain, so I usually recommend to just put some text under the photo or next to it. Better yet, use a photo gallery (e.g. NextGen). I just ran across the Image Caption Easy plugin and so [...]

G2 Remote

Do you know about Gallery Remote? It's a handy desktop interface so that you can upload entire folders of images to a site. I use it for my personal ( photography site (with Xoops, but no difference, really). I could not upkeep my site otherwise; it would take too long to upload images one by [...]


Full-featured photo gallery. Also as plugin for WordPress.

G2 :: Uploading Photos Using Windows XP

If you're on Windows XP, there's a fantastic uploading tool built into G2 (and XP) that allows you to easily resize, optimize, and upload lots of photos to your website. Here's the video.

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