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No is an OK answer.

Email can be a very direct medium of communication. Try to structure questions to remove any doubt--and reduce the amount of back and forth.

Happy Birthday WordPress!

Can you think of other software that's 10 years old and so popular? WordPress has the birthday hat on at the head of the table and is beaming with pride.

Google Apps No Longer Free

Google has announced a change to Google Apps that ends the option to create free accounts for groups of 10 or fewer users. Ow, that hurt.

Exact Match Domains

Should you buy the domain "" or ""? If you're just going for Google rankings, the latter might be better.

Should I Blog?

When setting up websites for new businesses, I get this question extremely often. But a bigger, scarier question is: does it matter?

Bacon Ipsum

Tired of lorem ipsum? This is WAY more fun: bacon ipsum.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design. What does it mean? In my non-techy world, that the design (of the website) adapts to the screen it's on. So that if you have a monster widescreen, an iPhone or a laptop, the screen adjusts accordingly.


BuddyPress can turn your WordPress site into a full-blown socially-connected, discussion, Facebook-like, powerful community site.

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