PayPal, WP E-Commerce, or some other payment system, a shopping cart can let visitors to your site buy directly from your company.

Phenomenal Mind

Is that WOO Canvas? Couldn't really tell. Exactly. Diane Kern's Phenomenal Mind.

Carolyn Tillie

Together with Dio Luria and John Muldoon, we transformed Carolyn Tillie's jewelry site into a lean, mean, e-commerce machine. We found the WPA theme on ThemeForest and it's a beaut.

Foster Travel Publishing

Lee Foster was looking to overhaul his travel writing and travel photography site. He had quite a complex set up with CNAME entries leading to custom URLs at PhotoShelter, a custom shopping cart that worked with PayPal, 250+ articles with loads of text, images, slideshows, and a blog at TypePad? Whew. Ready?

Making Lemonade

Zander Sprague needed an additional site for his new book, "Making Lemonade, Choosing a Positive Pathway After The Loss Of a Sibling." He wanted to be able to sell the book and also allow comments, have a mailing list sign-up, and update the content himself.

Inner Focus Coaching

Timo Navsky needed a website for her coaching practice, Inner Focus Coaching. She often gets glorious reviews and she wanted a way to update those herself. Done.


The sashay allows you to wear your regular, non-maternity shirts until the very day you give birth. So even when your regular shirt barely covers half of your belly, you can slip on the sashay and nobody knows the difference.

Leslie Lawton Jewelry Design

E-commerce, Flash Fader, multiple images per product in pop-up-slideshow format. Oh, and all editable by Leslie.

Andrea Suess

Jewelry Designer Andrea Suess shows off her work from her local studio in San Francisco.

Joe Sutton

Joe Sutton, author of 3 books: The Immortal Mouth, Morning Pages, Words Of Wellness (www.joesutt.com) features website | animated gifs | links to book sales comments "Joe, I just checked out the new website. The idea of putting up the negatives of you is just stunning. People all over the world are going to be [...]

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