Post Icons

Thumbnails per post when on an index or archive page can give a site that magazine-style look.

Good Looking Ideas

Lauren Deane of Good Looking Ideas ( wanted a site that she could update herself but didn't sacrifice design style. In fact, she wanted a site that didn't sacrifice anything.

What’s Up Down Under

Laurie King is at it again. What's Up Down Under is her latest site revival. Was an ancient HTML site, but we brought it back to life with WordPress -- and WAY back to life.

Jim Benning’s New Look

Two years ago we did a site for Jim Benning and he wanted a new look for 2009: He had a site that he liked the look of in mind, sent me the URL and a few images, and we were off to the drawing board.

Tiffany Hawk

Tiffany Hawk ( is a writer and travel-industry insider who has earned that role. Some say she's running away, others blame it on her Aquarian moon, but whatever it is, she was born to move, and move and move (17 homes, two continents, nine cities, 11 years). After her first two years as a flight [...]

BNI Embarcadero

BNI Embarcadero's site gives its 60+ members access to members-only information, an automated roster of members, group mailing list software (one-to-all), and many other features that save the organization time and money.

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