Slider Pro

Context Relevant

Ooh, what's that shiny new thing? Step away from the window, son. This was a great case study of being wowed by shiny and glittery themes, but then coming back full circle to what we know works. We started off toying with Salient, an awesome looking theme that wowed our socks off. We dug deep [...]

Best New Body

Great photos are one thing, but how about adding superb functionality? If you have a tax litigation office, it's going to be more of a struggle to find stunning images. But when you have images and photos that are basically the core of your offering, let's let them do the hard work of selling your [...]

Macdonald Fernandez LLP

Canvas can do clean, simple and professional. Easily. Especially with the help of some nice stock photography chosen by art director Lauren Deane Evans to get that look just the way they want it. Slider Pro helps out to get a nice looking slider that fades in and out with ease, showing off some friendly [...]

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