Take an off-the-shelf theme, customize it.

Financial District Dental Gets New Front Teeth

Dr. Hack is no strip-mall dentist, he's a professional artist who loves his craft. He needed a cosmetic--and general--upgrade to get his business to where it should be: at the top of the game. We did that.

Kredit Karte

Kredit Karte had a perfectly good website, but it was trouble to edit. Make the change, contact the designer or developer, send them the changes, wait for the changes to be implemented, maybe make a second change, wait, double check, good, get an invoice for half-an-hour's work, pay. Repeat.

Fashion Eye for Men

Joui Turandot needed a rebranding from her "Joui Style" brand and site to take it to the next level. Beyond just Joui and her style, but focusing on her clients and what she was going to do to help those clients: Fashion Eye for Men was born.

BNI Embarcadero

BNI Embarcadero's site gives its 60+ members access to members-only information, an automated roster of members, group mailing list software (one-to-all), and many other features that save the organization time and money.

Third Age Alliance

Logo for Third Age Alliance. Three rings connecting each other, but still open (independent). "Alliance" in caps: stronger, bolder.

Spots of Time

Created name "Spots of Time" for Melanie Vuynovich's round-the-world dispatches from the road. Each week of her two-year journey she documented her travels with a column that took a snapshot of the world she was living in at the time, at that moment, at that spot in time. (

Backbone Communications | Branding

Created name "Backbone Communications" for their educational software company. The core element of software education, the backbone, is communication. (

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