Lee Foster Travel Journalism Wins SATW Awards

Lee Foster won four awards in the Society of American Travel Writers recent writing competition for its Western Chapter. The awards were announced at the Boise, Idaho chapter meeting in July 2010. Two of the awards were for his website.

Highly Recommended Web Design and Advertising Specialists!

I had the good fortune to win a bid at the Rooftop School auction for an item to design a website—offered by the team of Bradley Charbonneau of Likoma and Gil Zeimer of Zeimer's Advertising Shoppe to assist with both the website design and marketing ideas.

Bradley is the man.

Bradley is the man. He took my half-thought, half-digested rubbish of an idea and turned it into a sleek, "simple is beautiful" website.

A pleasure to work with.

He is a pleasure to work with as well, as he makes one feel as if their site is the only one he has to deal with.

Bradley at Likoma is the WordPress Wizard!

Bradley at Likoma is the WordPress Wizard! We've created at least 15 sites with WordPress over the past three years, including my own at, and each site is unique with its own branded look and feel.

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