Ooh, what’s that shiny new thing?

Step away from the window, son.

This was a great case study of being wowed by shiny and glittery themes, but then coming back full circle to what we know works.

We started off toying with Salient, an awesome looking theme that wowed our socks off. We dug deep into it, built quite a bit of the site out and then figured out that, oh, uh, we can’t do XYZ so easily. What are we going to do? I knew how to do XYZ in Canvas. It was going to take more work (if at all possible) to do the kinda basic things in Salient than to do the trickier things in Canvas. That settled it: we were going back to Canvas.

One of the main reasons we liked Salient was for the Parallax feature. Indeed, über cool, but it turns out we didn’t really need it–or in fact even want it.