I love gradients. Easy enough to do in Photoshop and you get a big bang for your (designer) buck. Looks nice, easy to use, done. But you’re dealing with images. Always better to deal with pure CSS if you can, of course. With CSS, it’s:

  1. Easier to update.
  2. Faster to load.
  3. No more Photoshop.
  4. Easier to resize/fit-to-shape.
  5. Cool.

Took all of eleven seconds (I had to get my cup of tea, that was probably the delay) to find theĀ Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator. You insert your two HEX color codes, copy the code over to your CSS document, sit back and enjoy that cup of tea.

You knew it was possible, you just needed to take it to that tiny extra step to make it happen. You needed to search for it, test it, then document it. Now it’s yours. Now it’s here. I love when things just work out.