Here’s a video that shows you how to transfer a domain name to GoDaddy. One thing you need to make sure of before you start the process is that your domain is “unlocked” at your current/old registrar. Also, make sure that your registration/administration email contact at the current/old registrar is an email you have access to.

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Below is the text version I had. It’s still accurate, but the video shows you how to do it.

GoDaddy offers one feature over NameCheap that makes it worth the switch: automatic renewal of your domain name (and automatic credit card billing) so you won’t lose your domain name should you forget about it or not get the email reminder. By transferring, it will not effect your website or email and the year you’ll pay for will be added to the time you’ve already paid for. Here’s how to switch. (Let me know before you do this and I’ll make sure I’ll unlock the domain at NameCheap–if that’s where your domain is now. See step 6 below.)

1.) Click the image above to begin the transfer of your domain(s).

2.) Enter the domain(s) name you want to transfer in the field and click “Proceed to Checkout.”

3.) Step 1 allows you to add more years. Step 2 is something of a gimmick and you don’t need it; choose Standard/Public. (I can make it “private” by taking out your name and address info after the transfer has gone through). Step 3, choose “Keep my existing name server information.” Proceed to Checkout.

4.) Skip through the pages of “Add these transfer domain essentials!” and then click “No thanks.” if you get more offers.

5.) At checkout, make sure only your transferred domains are listed in the cart and not other junk they try to sell you. Do the Verify Code thing. Enter credit card info and you’re done with payment and GoDaddy.

6.) GoDaddy will send an email to the owner of your domain name (hopefully it’s you) and you’ll have to answer Yes to their request of a transfer. You should see this email within a few days. If you don’t, maybe you’re not the registered owner or you don’t get that email anymore. Check that out here. If you get an email that says, “Dear Valued Customer, You recently purchased a domain registrar transfer for: YOURDOMAIN.COM. However, the current status of the above domain name is: REGISTRAR-LOCK” then I need to unlock the domain.