Ellaprint puts your brand in your customers’ hands.

In a way, we’re doing just what Ellaprint does: we’re taking something off the shelf (a powerful WordPress theme–Avada) but then we’re owning it, we’re customizing it to fit the brand of the client.

Ellaprint had a redirect from their main domain (ellaprint.com) going to a promotional products site where you could browse through hundreds of products that Ellaprint could you put your logo on: pens, buttons, tote bags, etc. It did the job … but did the job of what? It showed that Ellaprint could get your logo on a pen.

But Ellaprint isn’t about a factory. They’re not about mass market garbage and “How many cheap pens can I get for $100?” They want to make a lasting impression on you and they do this by creating products that make lasting impressions on your customers. In a nutshell, they do beautiful, custom work that will make your customer say, “Wow.”

Guess who your customer will remember when their customers remember them?

So we wanted to build a simple showcase site that let people know that Ellaprint is more than logos on pens. They’re about engravings into wood, custom wine boxes and even footballs for the Super Bowl.

So, do you want to give your client another knick knack that’s going to end up next to my son’s plastic juggling pins* in the landfill? Or do you want to give your customers something they’ll remember, cherish, even, gasp, be in awe of.

Give Fran @ Ellaprint a call and let her go past the limits of your logo-on-pen imagination.

* Yeah, the juggling never really took off.