Local WordPress guru and film maker team up for a new series called “Faces of WordPress.”

I had the pleasure of working with local WordPress rockstar Zach Berke of Exygy and film maker Hannah Levinson to work on their new series of WordPress video documentaries about how WordPress changes people’s lives.

Hannah did an amazing job of pulling tons of content into a condensed bit of video wizardry. It was also interesting to hear what she and Zach pulled out as the important elements of their project. For example, that Likoma is going towards standards (e.g. using almost exclusively WOO Themes Canvas) as well as from a “publisher” perspective that WordPress has helped me get back into the writing that I used to do–and love–so much.

Have a look and check out Hannah’s other work at her site: hannahklevinson.com. Exygy also has the project outlined over on their site, check back there to see the latest Faces of WordPress.