Looking for help in marketing, SEO, or just plain, How do I grow my business?

As the creative director of a website design shop, I get regular requests for ongoing help with marketing, promotion, and the favorite:

So I have a website, thank you! Now what do I do?

[box type=”tick”]If you want to just jump on in and see what it’s all about, they’re having a special $1 to join promotion right now. [/box]

Or a plethora of related questions:

  • Do you know where I could learn more about SEO?
  • Do you provide ongoing marketing services?
  • I’d love to do a podcast for my business, do you know how I could get started?
  • I’m sure you get this question all the time, but how do I get more traffic to my new site?
  • Where can I connect with other small business owners?

There is so much information, education, workshops, classes, and just plain information overload out there that it’s overwhelming. How DO you learn about podcasting or building your audience? Is your target audience even the right one? Who can I bounce ideas off of for my new service idea? Where do you go for help? But maybe even more important:

Where do you go to get help you can trust?

Not just a place where you can buy the ebook only to be badgered to buy the webinar and then you’ll get a special price for the online intensive workshop. But a place where there is a library of information neatly organized (even with markers where you left off last!), interviews with people just like you who have Been There and Done That.

[box type=”info”]Yes, information is abundantly available on the Internet. But you have to search. Water is available from the river, but it’s a whole lot easier from the faucet.[/box]

But it’s not just the static information. Then there are the forums. Hundreds of people to connect with to bounce ideas off, connect with, even, gasp, maybe talk to on the telephone or even, shock, horror, meet in person. I know it happens, it’s even happened to me. Crazy, I know.

There are also in-person meet ups, regular “office hours” where the founders have a live Q & A session. The guys have a weekly podcast, regular blog posts, and … man, when I write it down like this, I realize how much they have on offer.

[box type=”alert”]Warning: you can passively watch their videos and learn, but to really get the most out of Fizzle, it’s going to be You Get Out What You Put In. Just so you know. [/box]

Why am I writing all of this out?

Because I get this question often and I want to have an answer I believe in. Here’s some more about Fizzle from their site.

  • 100’s of Lessons
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • First month, $1. After that $35 a month.

It’s too common for businesses to fizzle out. Our mission here is to help the online entrepreneur grow their business, revenue and fulfillment until they’re crackling with creativity, impact, potential and purpose.

In the last 2 years we’ve worked with over 1,500 people just like you. These are folks putting their butts on the line to build something they care about. They hit roadblocks, lose steam, search for direction… and Fizzle helps them get clarity and take the next step.

What’s inside? Excellent courses from real experts and a community of like minded business builders. The courses are all shot as high quality training videos with a focus on concrete, actionable steps. They cover things like growing your email list, starting a podcast, increasing traffic, creating better content, creating videos and more.

The community is incredible. There’s no smarmy tactics or marketing schemes, just real people building honest websites, products and services. If you’ve ever worked on a project alone, you know how much of a game changer an active community makes.

It’s easy to join. Your first month is only $1. After that, if you choose to stick with it, membership is only $35 a month. Fizzle is a community-minded alternative to the $2,000 products out there. We hope to see you inside!


  • Essentials of Shooting & Editing Video
  • Telling Your Story: From Elevator Pitch to Tagline
  • Start a Blog that Matters