I wanted to get to a particular post on a site but the site doesn’t have a search button and I don’t have the page bookmarked (who uses bookmarks?). If you do this one little trick, you can use Google’s search on any website. Note, this is in the Google search box.

site:http://thedomain.com the search term

See below that I’m searching the site for the term “fail.” It’s only searching the domain I typed in first, not every site on the Internet.


You can also use Google’s search to see all pages of the site. Just type in “site:http://thedomain.com” into Google’s search box. It will return all of the pages Google has indexed for that site. Not a bad way to also see what Google has indexed.

Use Google search to search any site

BTW, I wanted the URL of the exact page forĀ How to Never Fail at Anything, Ever Again because it’s an excellent article about how to use experiments to achieve your goals.