I have a limited number of coupon codes for Google Apps for work. How can I get them to people who request them?

I have lots of them, but how can I distribute them?

I have lots of them, but how can I distribute them?

I’m getting a few requests per day now for $10 off per user for Google Apps for Work. I’m doing too much manual work on my end, but also if you think of those who want the coupon, they probably want to sign up right away and not wait for me to get back to them. How can they get it immediately?

Here are my requirements:

  1. I’m not involved in the operations (but I’m happy to check in).
  2. Visitor shouldn’t have to wait.
  3. I need to know if a code has been used.
  4. Bonus: I’d love to know if it worked or if they didn’t use it (or it didn’t work, e.g. not from US or Canada) so that I could use that code again.

Currently, this is my very manual-labor-intensive process:

  1. I created a (Gravity) form on my site.
  2. Visitor to site fills out name and email and hits submit.
  3. I receive form, reply to email.
  4. Using Google’s Canned Responses, I give them a few instructions (need to click link, need to paste in code, etc.)
  5. I copy the next available code from my list that Google supplied me with.
  6. I add the date in my Google Sheets spreadsheet as well as their email address (just to let me know that this code has been used). I don’t know if I really need to hold onto their email address, I don’t plan on using it for anything.
  7. I paste it into email and click send.
  8. They click link, sign up, and enter code.
  9. Someday later, I receive a commission.

I’d like to eliminate me from steps 3 through 7. They should be able to, somehow, click a link or start a process and get the next code in the list. I do, however, need to note that the code they used has been taken so I don’t offer it to someone else.

Here’s what I think I’ll do until I figure out a better way.

  1. Set up a Google Doc (duh!) with a list of codes (maybe 10 to see how this works).
  2. Visitor sees list, copies the next available code.
  3. This is scary, but make it editable so that people could somehow say that they used that code. They wouldn’t have to leave their email address, maybe check a box or just leave a note “Thanks for the code! It worked.”
  4. I check in from time to time to see how the list is doing and when it’s filled up, I add more.

It doesn’t sound the best system on the planet, but I’m not sure what else to do. Ideas?