Katrina Rozelle had a nice-looking site, but it was lots of images and Flash content that can’t be read by search engines. Even text blocks were images. Ouch. She has some gorgeous work (can you believe these are cakes!?) and wanted to show it off in a more professional way. She also wants the capability to expand to e-commerce and sell some of her work online. Check out all of her latest works of edible art at katrinarozelle.com

We’re using the power and flexibility of the WordPress Gallery. Together with the fantastic FancyBox for WordPress plugin and the Watermark Reloaded plugin, we have a full-blown gallery slider with size-to-fit images that come out sharp and full-screen. The FancyBox plugin pops out the images full size and it adjusts to fit the size of the browser window so the user always has the optimal size image. How’s that for responsive design?

The Watermark plugin allows Katrina to upload her images in batches and let the plugin add her watermark to the bottom right of every image. She can also choose to only have it appear on the full-size image, for example, as we’ve done. Need to rebuild all of those in Photoshop? Nope.

When she now has a new cake or pastry to show off, she can upload the image, give it a caption, add it to a gallery, give it some SEO juice with alt-tagging, and she’s on her way to an SEO-friendlier site that’s also a pleasure to look at.