Do you need to individually distribute license codes? This might be the plugin you’ve been looking for.

License Manager for WOO Commerce

License Manager for WOO Commerce

An add-on plugin for WOO Commerce, this service allows you to sell (or give away) codes to each buyer just as they would receive a customized product.

For example, let’s say you have a list of codes:

  • kokkihUUiU6756vg8i
  • k989hy65ft4rnhu4eb
  • 9ju87gt6dgki765efhk
  • etc.

and you want to get those to each customer who buys the software or maybe, as in my case, as a discount code for Google Apps for Work. Here are the options as I’ve been through them:

  1. Manually receive an email from a form and send them manually the next code back.
  2. Share a Google Sheet and let them copy out a code and trust them not to delete the rest of them (or copy them or steal them).
  3. Sequentially deliver each code through a plugin like License Manager for WOO Commerce.

It doesn’t take too long to realize option #3 is the simplest and most effective.

So far, so (pretty) good.

I’m giving these coupons away, so I don’t want any money changing hands. I also don’t want (or need) any information on them other than an email address to send the code. But WOO Commerce wants all of that. I installed another plugin, WooCommerce Remove Billing Fields for Free Virtual Products, which removes the billing address fields for free virtual orders. Perfect!

A few kinks I need to work out still:

  1. Extra “question mark” before the code. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but the recipient receives a question mark symbol in front of their code. This only happened when I uploaded a TXT doc. Hmm.
  2. Add to Cart, then Checkout, then Additional Details … whew. Too many steps! Just want them to fill in an email and be done with it!