License Manager for WOO Commerce

Do you need to individually distribute license codes? This might be the plugin you’ve been looking for.

License Manager for WOO Commerce

License Manager for WOO Commerce

An add-on plugin for WOO Commerce, this service allows you to sell (or give away) codes to each buyer just as they would receive a customized product.

For example, let’s say you have a list of codes:

  • kokkihUUiU6756vg8i
  • k989hy65ft4rnhu4eb
  • 9ju87gt6dgki765efhk
  • etc.

and you want to get those to each customer who buys the software or maybe, as in my case, as a discount code for Google Apps for Work. Here are the options as I’ve been through them:

  1. Manually receive an email from a form and send them manually the next code back.
  2. Share a Google Sheet and let them copy out a code and trust them not to delete the rest of them (or copy them or steal them).
  3. Sequentially deliver each code through a plugin like License Manager for WOO Commerce.

It doesn’t take too long to realize option #3 is the simplest and most effective.

So far, so (pretty) good.

I’m giving these coupons away, so I don’t want any money changing hands. I also don’t want (or need) any information on them other than an email address to send the code. But WOO Commerce wants all of that. I installed another plugin, WooCommerce Remove Billing Fields for Free Virtual Products, which removes the billing address fields for free virtual orders. Perfect!

A few kinks I need to work out still:

  1. Extra “question mark” before the code. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but the recipient receives a question mark symbol in front of their code. This only happened when I uploaded a TXT doc. Hmm.
  2. Add to Cart, then Checkout, then Additional Details … whew. Too many steps! Just want them to fill in an email and be done with it!

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