Her podcast is taking off, her book is going to hit the shelves. It’s time to up the game.

Dr. Linda Tucker’s new website is showcasing exactly what sets her a notch above other psycho analysts in San Francisco. Let us count the ways:

  1. Podcast: she hosts an award-winning weekly podcast: Challenge Your Thinking. She’s getting out into other media, not just blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and her new book.
  2. Book: speaking of her new book, she’s covering yet another branch of the media: publication. But get this, she’s not writing about how to, I don’t know, beat your addiction to beating your husband,* she’s helping you find the best psychoanalyst. How about that for going meta! The book is called, “At a Crossroads: 11 Tips to Finding the Best Psychotherapist for You.”
  3. Social media: I mentioned in passing that she’s on social media. How many psychotherapists do you know who are burning up the social media scene? Check her on Twitter @DrLindaTucker, she’s worth following.

Dr. Tucker is the dream client: she has a lot going for her already, but she’s ready to take it all to the next level. She’s active and wants to be more active. It’s a pleasure to work with her and help her get to the next level.

You can keep up with her podcasts, sign up for her book launch and follow her posts and news at drlindatucker.com.