“Can we make that ‘pop’ a little more?”

If there are multiple items, only a few can pop. No, it's not my opinion, it's by definition.

If there are multiple items, only a few can pop. No, it’s not my opinion, it’s by definition.

Struggling to make your marketing stand out? Are you trying to make everything stand out? Yeah, that’s not going to work.

By definition, not everything can be:

  1. Featured
  2. Highlighted
  3. On top
  4. Bold
  5. Special
  6. Prominent

Our school is having their annual auction and the attached screenshot here shows 12 items for sale. How am I supposed to know, quickly, what is good/interesting/on sale? I see some highlighting in yellow, then some highlighting in red. Maybe that’s like a stop light: yellow for warm, red for hot?

Showcase a single idea.

Showcase a single idea.

What’s the one idea you want to get across?

1Showcase just one thing at a time to grab attention. Don’t worry about the other 11 things for the moment, we want to win them over first, we want them to stick around, to like us enough to want to see the other 11 things we have on offer.

But how do you know which 1 thing to showcase? Yeah, that’s the hard part.

  1. Survey your audience
  2. Test
  3. Measure results
  4. Iterate
  5. Test some more
  6. Survey anyone related to what you’re trying to do
  7. Guess
  8. Educate, learn, improve.

So, now back to shopping at the auction!