Their previous site had hundreds of hand-coded HTML pages, 500+ blog posts (in WordPress), a few different designs for different content areas, dozens of links in a vertical navigation, and … you get the idea. It was time for an upgrade. We brought the whole thing into a single WordPress install and now their page management, categories, blog posts, articles, and everything else online about the company is in one place, under one room accessible with just a login and a password.

We’re just getting started, but it’s going to be a huge time (and cost) savings for them to add new content to their site. It will also open up the floor to different team members to add and edit content each with user roles and logins to keep track of who’s doing what and when.

The company is happy and their many clients will also be thrilled now that this content-rich site will be more organized, easier to use, and more beneficial to its followers.

Marketing Company Chooses WordPress