Michelle Hamilton (michelle-hamilton.com) has done some terrific writing and, ah, we writers, didn’t really have a place to put it all. The shoebox? The drawer? Sure, if you want only you and your auntie Mame to read it someday. If you’d like anyone else to (ever) read it, how about that website? I know, I know, getting kinda quirky over here at Likoma, but we writers can also be a solitary bunch, not prone to big marketing campaigns and lots of hoopla. But readers want to read what writers write. A website helps out there quite a bit.

She has done some work for some big magazines and has the photo spreads to flaunt it. Makes it fun to use those photos to brighten up an otherwise text-heavy site. I’ve also feeding my recent infatuation with semi-transparent RGB values to let a bit of that mountain range come through the content area.

I especially like how colorful her Articles page turned out with the photos from her work. Check out Michelle’s writing over at michelle-hamilton.com.

Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton Articles