This is going to be a whole lot less painful if we could just switch it to Canvas.

We just wanted to make a few tweaks. Mostly, we wanted to add a blog. Seems simple enough, right? It is WordPress, after all, so adding a blog is like adding a screwdriver to a tool chest. I mean, it should already be in there anyway. But it wasn’t. Well, it was, but it didn’t work. The layout was off, it didn’t work. It was going to take some tinkering.

Or just build it from scratch using a new theme.

“Wait, what?” (sorry … was the quote of the weekend after hanging out with 12-year olds). Isn’t that going to cost more? Take a lot of work? Involve a learning curve? No, no, and no.

We’re back to the contractor and the house. Yes, we’re going to start from scratch, but your house needs it: the plumbing is shot and we’re going to have to jackhammer through the floors so much that we might as well start over. But the easy part about doing this with a WordPress site is that it is actually quite a bit easier to accomplish, takes less time and costs less money.

“Wait, what?”

“I know, right?”