Prices start here.

If you only want to read one sentence on this page, this is it. Websites start at $2,500.

90% of our sites are under $10,000. See below: “The Easy Way or The Hard Way.”

We can get a beautiful, powerful, editable, search-enginable, socialable and loveable site for $2,500–and we have done so hundreds of times for hundreds of clients. We’re more than happy to do that for you and we’d love to work with you to get it done. We just want to give you the option of the path to take and let you know that it’s absolutely possible to be done, professional and beautiful with a site you love. Your job is your business and our job is building a website presence that showcases you and your business.

We can do this The Easy Way or The Hard Way.

The Easy Way

  • We’re the designer.
  • Limited design revisions.
  • Your content is ready to go.

The Hard Way

  • You’re the designer.
  • 412 revisions.
  • My brother’s wife is a copywriter, she’s going to take one last look at the copy.

All sites include the following dazzling features.

Mobile Responsive

Content Management

It's your content, you have the right to manage it.

It's Yours

If you’d like us to manage your content, we can do that, but this is WordPress. WP allows you to manage your content easily and often. Take advantage of it–and take us out of the equation.
Hours of revision consultation.

Social Media

Your site is rip roaring ready to tackle the social media world.

It's a party out there.

You have an invitation, you just have to show up and mingle. We’ll set up the tools, your job is to make an appearance.
Help videos to get the most out of your site.
Pages of content.

The Sky

Is the limit.

It's all yours.

It’s not a printed brochure. You can add as much content as you like. To your heart’s content. Forever.
Blog posts waiting to be written (by you).

We can add in just about anything.

Little Extras

These are easy to implement.

  • Blog.
  • Simple sliders (rotating photos).
  • Newsletter subscription form.
  • Add a new page. Or 5.
  • Social media links.

Big Extras

These take some more time.

  • SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Logo creation.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Portfolio setup.
  • Email marketing strategy.

The prices above are all base prices. If you’d like to do more customization beyond what the finished products above, we’d be happy to help at our regular hourly rate.

Standard Features

  • Design mock-ups: we’ll mock up three versions of a design to choose from based on our discussions. Once we have sign off on these mock-ups, we’ll build out the site in WordPress. Changes beyond the mockups are then beyond the scope of the initial agreement and will incur additional fees or we move them to a Phase 2.
  • Revisions: we can revise mock-ups in discussion to arrive at the happy medium between design, function and usability (see below, Mutual Interests).
  • Responsive design: the design and function will function on most devices (excluding old or uncommon). Please note that the site’s design will not look the same on all devices, but the goal is to have a consistent and efficient visitor experience.

Mutual Interests

We at Likoma have the same interests as you: to build a beautiful, professional, smart, functionally excellent site that you can update yourself and works well on mobile devices. We mention this here because to ensure that (1) you can update the content and (2) that it functions well on mobile will sometimes require us both to “not break things.” For example, if you requested a function or design element that would break either the ability for you to easily update content or break the mobile design of the site, we would highly recommend against it. This does not mean that we can’t make any changes, but it means keeping core function intact while we work together for the best possible design and features.

[quote float=”right”]How much does a house cost? What kind of a house did you have in mind?[/quote]

All Likoma Properties Include

We are going to pick an existing layout and customize it. We’re not going to work from scratch (because it’s too expensive and, frankly, a waste of time–it’s how we can keep these prices starting so low) and we’re going to work from a strong foundation based on Likoma’s WordPress experience since 2004.  Check out our portfolio, we’ve been doing this a while and we do it well. Every site will include the following:

  • WordPress Content Management System installation and configuration
    • Latest version installed
    • 1 user
    • Theme installation
  • Plugins: the “apps” of WordPress, how to make it do more.
    • Jetpack
    • Yoast SEO
  • Social media: share, publicize, get the word out
  • SEO: each site is SEO Ready for your titles, keywords, and descriptions (please note that Ready does not mean optimized)
  • Tutorials: Lifetime tuition to the prestigious WordPress U for WordPress training videos

Not Included

  • Premium plugins: Gravity Forms, Akismet, etc.
  • Stock photography

Advanced Features

If you’d like to go beyond the four walls and a roof of your place and, for example, turn it into a store to sell your products or maybe make it a members only site (complete with logins and passwords), it’s usually all do-able with the right tools. Here are some features you might want.

  • Custom branding (logo creation, color scheme, etc.)
  • Mailing list (newsletter to send to your fans)
  • Membership Site (locked down content, membership levels, recurring payments, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Now that you exist, how will they find you?)
  • Google Apps (email, docs, calendar) and Google Analytics (stats). Note: Google now charges $5/user/month for this service.
  • Social Media (set up, config, strategy)
  • E-Commerce (digital products to physical goods)
  • Copywriting
  • What else can you think of?

Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you to talk more about your project.