Here’s a thought: back up your data.

I know, it’s a pain. You might have to find offsite hosting (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and test it and hope it doesn’t send you some nasty server timeout and then you have to try again and then your dog throws up on the run so maybe you just set the database to download once a month but your Dropbox password isn’t working and then the chunky nastiness on the floor is starting to smell.

You say to yourself:

  1. My site won’t go down.
  2. The programmer will back it up.
  3. Doesn’t the hosting company have some sort of automatic backup?

Then you start to weigh the costs and benefits of having that data all back. Compared to not having it. It’s a bit like getting robbed, but they didn’t take the TV, which insurance is going to cover, they took the photo albums, which are impossible to replace–or really, really hard. Then you’ll be really, really sorry.

Here’s a thought. Spend the time, do it right, back up your WordPress site. Use Dropbox to store it offsite and something like Updraft Plus to send it there once in a while.

It’s up to you. You can be really, really relieved or really, really sorry.