Who decides what’s impossible or possible? Could it be you?

Re-engineer impossible.

Re-engineer impossible.

Repossible challenges the impossible. We wanted to rework the site to let it shine the power that it’s growing into. The site is broken up into different areas where they just see impossible as an opinion–and their opinion is to look at it from another angle and turn it into possible. There are sections on Home Exchange, Parenting, Health and Writing with growth towards more.

We chose the stunningly popular Avada theme as it allows for parallax pages, video backgrounds with configurable opacity overlays, creative archive (timeline) pages, more slider options than you’ll ever need, and a drag-and-drop page builder that makes WordPress page layout design a snap.

If your site has the goods, let it shine. Repossible combines excellent content and stunning imagery so we wanted a design that was going to maximize letting it be seen. Avada has responsive design built right in and it does it very well. Check out Repossible on your phone, it looks like it was built for the phone.

Could it be that if you have great content and beautiful imagery you should let it shine through? Don’t mess with the code and end up with a mess of code. Leave the programming to the programmers and focus on what you’re awesome at: content and design.

The Repossible Mantra

  • Priorities: It’s usually a choice. What’s yours going to be?
  • Perspective: From another angle, is it so blinding?
  • Perseverance: Do you have the stamina? Do you at least have more than the guy next to you?