Got a logo and a few stunning photos? You’re halfway there.

Arielle Eckstut has a new book out and for her website she said she pretty much only had the book cover and some chapter graphics. That could mean several different things. But once we saw them, we knew this one was going to be easy.

[box type=”info”]It helps if your book cover is visually intriguing.[/box]

Easy? How easy? If we base the design of a site from a single element, or at least a single group of similar elements and don’t stray too far from that consistent brand, the site can quickly (and easily) take on a character of its own and become the brand it wants to be.

Then if you have some fascinating content, that doesn’t hurt either. Here’s an excerpt.

[quote]Color illuminates everything in the universe. How many colors can humans see? A whopping 10 million! But all of those colors that we see aren’t what a bat, a dog, or a pigeon see. Different brains see different colors and, believe it or not, our color vision pales in comparison to that of birds, butterflies, reptiles, and fish.[/quote]

Go check out Arielle’s latest work at The Secret Language of Color.

The Secret Language of Color

Book cover image and chapter intro artwork? Our work here is halfway done.

The Secret Language of Color

Got stunning artwork? We’re on our way.