A little content, stunning photos, let’s see, what can make with this …

Sideways Incentives is live and ready for action!

Even if you only have a few paragraphs of content for your new business, get it online! Get out there, get it live, let Google know you exist. Oh yes, and real people, too. But Google first–then real people will be able to find it more quickly.

Remember, this is a website, not a print brochure. If later you’d like to add different photos, no worries, just upload them as you have them. In fact, Google likes when you add new content as you have it, makes it seem like you’re growing, adding new information, which, of course, you are.

We chose the popular WordPress Avada theme for Sideways as it’s just so crazy powerful and leaves room for growth with its options, layouts, shortcodes and zillions of features we haven’t even played with yet.