This is a beautiful example how important stock graphics can be. We had a good design going with the site, Skytech Solar had a few photos we could use and some maps of the city where they’ve installed tons of solar panels. They already had a logo and we kept to the color scheme. But it needed that extra little touch of design that was going to put it over the edge.

I admire my designer colleagues who spend hours, sometimes days, pouring over stock photography and graphics sites, trying to find just the right image that will suggest just the right meaning. There’s a science to it–but there’s also an art to it. It can take lots of time, or you can get “lucky” and find just the right shot. But as usual, where does luck usually come from? Experience.

We found a beauty of a background for the site with the right colors and a lively set of sun rays. I tricked out the background of the body area so it would be semi-transparent and the result is a sleek looking site with a good dose of style. Take that sun ray graphic away and it’s a different site. Check out Skytech Solar and let us know what you think.