There’s a chance the problem just goes away. There’s another chance you’ll come at it from a new angle.

No, not all tech problems will just go away if you ignore them for a while. But quite a few of them will!

If you didn’t:

  1. Change anything.
  2. Break anything.
  3. Do anything different.

chances are good that the problem “isn’t your fault” and will resolve itself. It’s a bit like asking the doctor what you should do when you bend your arm and it hurts. He might say, “Hmm. Have you tried not bending your arm? It’ll probably go away on its own.”

I’m not talking about tech problems such as:

  1. My site has been taken over by a Turkish hacker group.
  2. My iPhone screen was run over by a Lamborghini.
  3. My friends are all calling to see if I really need money after I got robbed in Costa Rica.

More along the lines of:

  1. I can’t log into my website.
  2. My password isn’t working, but I know it’s right and I know I’m typing it in correctly.
  3. My website was loading fine 2 minutes ago, but now it’s not. It’s been down for minutes!

I’m a big fan of the technology methodology of “Turn it off. Wait. Turn it back on.” I believe it also applies to humans. But we need to go to sleep to get the full effect. Like a reboot. Maybe it’s something like your router: you’re supposed to wait 10 minutes before you turn it back on. Something about cache or memory or … but it doesn’t make sense, the thing is unplugged?

Anyway, unplug your mind for the night and come back at it in the morning. Chances are, things will be working again. If they’re not, then you can start unplugging things and making phone calls … if your phone works.