Not only have I never heard of this, I can’t even find anyone who’s had their Squarespace site hacked.

Does Squarespace even get hacked? I couldn't find anyone.

Does Squarespace even get hacked? I couldn’t find anyone.

When I did a Google search, I did find lots of mention of “Squarespace site hacked” but it was more in sentences such as:

  • “I’ll never have to worry about my Squarespace getting hacked!”
  • “I had 3 WordPress sites hacked in 1 year, but haven’t yet had my Squarespace site hacked!”
  • “I was paying for my WordPress hosting and then I was paying for Sucuri to keep the site secure, while when I switched to Squarespace, I just paid a single $8 per month and didn’t have to pay anyone else to secure it.”

A client just called me because his WordPress site was hacked. As I usually do, I recommended that he contact Sucuri. They used to have a single site clean-up price of $89, but now, as far as I can tell, it’s only a subscription model for a year for $199. He asked me if there was a less expensive option and I didn’t really know of one. So I went searching.

oDesk brought me a few guys who looked experienced. But a few line of his experience and it seemed that it would cost $140 (at his $20/hour) to get a job done. Who knows, maybe that was more complex–maybe not. The next guy had experience, too, it seemed.

Further, I only found articles where it was mostly Squarespace versus WordPress comparisons and how if you were on Squarespace, you didn’t have to worry about getting hacked.

Advantage this round? Squarespace.