“When I log into WordPress, it’s just overwhelming.”

Squarespace is just so easy.

Squarespace is just so easy.

A design partner of mine showed me the site he built, himself, with Squarespace. I didn’t need to ask him why he didn’t ask me for his help.

He didn’t need it.

“Squarespace is just easier to use than WordPress.”

We talked about using Sqaurespace for our next client. But at one point during the discussion, I had to ask him the killer question:

“But if it’s so easy, why do you need any kind of a developer any longer?”

Now I don't even need a developer.

Now I don’t even need a developer.

Yeah, the answer is brutal for developers: he doesn’t need a developer.

I hear what you’re saying:

  1. But you can’t do ABC!
  2. What about if you wanted to do XYZ!?
  3. Good luck trying to get DEF done!

Sure, for a complex site, WordPress can do it all. But for a simpler site that just needs to get across a message or sell an online product, you can do worse than Squarespace.

Need some help getting your Squarespace site up? You might want to try the Squarespace pros over at Make a Tiny Website.