Thrift Store Runway ( was on Tumblr. But they wanted a more robust content system as the site was getting more popular. People could upload their photos and stories to the old site, but management of those posts (and then approval and categorization, etc.) was pretty simple.

Using Gravity Forms, we now have a full submission process which we can customize (upload photos, title, body, etc.) and this turns into a WP post, but a post that needs approval before it’s published. Makes for much easier management of the submissions.

Here’s a nice WOO Canvas feature: site layout. Matt Smiley chose a more narrow layout for the site as it’s mostly a vertical site, with a minimal navigation and just loads and loads of full-sized images. In Canvas, you can just type in the number of the width of the site (e.g. 760, 940, 10t60, etc.). Pre-Canvas, that was quite a bit of maneuvering in CSS. Further, there’s the beta layout manager where you can then even determine the width of the main body area and sidebars. WOO thank YOU.

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