A client needed just a landing page. “Just a headline, logo, bit of text,” said my marketing partners (who sent me the project). “You could just build a quick HTML page, right?” Well, I suppose I could, but it’s just more efficient for me to build it in WordPress. Even if it’s a simple one pager, it’s easier in WordPress. Of course, the site probably won’t remain a simple one-pager, so then it’ll be easy to expand it to a full website.

Then, of course, they needed the image to fade in and out (with several images) and then the quotes or testimonials in that sidebar to change. I guess someone could figure that out in HTML with some code or Javascript or whatever, but if I build it in WordPress, then it’s just a plugin. Need to change the font of the heading? I’ll just change that in the WP admin using the WOO Canvas Google font options.

Simple site? Complex site? Multi-author membership site? WordPress can do that.