A domain for your website are like a deed to your house. It’s very important. Don’t let it expire, don’t let someone else register it for you and keep an eye on that registration date.


When you register a domain, it's quite a bit like buying a house: just like at city hall, your name is now out there in public. You have options.

Delete Your Old Accounts

If you don't use an email address any longer, delete it. It's not always as easy to do as you think!

Do I need to buy all variations of a domain name?

If you find the perfect dot-com URL for your new projects or business, do you have to buy the dot-org, dot-net and dot-whatever? What about spelling variations? Before you plunk down hundreds of dollars, check out the pros and cons.

Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

In a nutshell, go to, check your domain contact info. If you find that your domain contact data is current and accurate, there's no need to take action. If, however, your domain contact information is inaccurate, you must correct it.

Can’t access site in Mexico

A client couldn't access her site in Mexico. I thought maybe it was just her laptop, but she'd try it from someone else's computer, then an Internet cafe and still nada.

WordPress Installation Checklist

Here are the steps I use when I set up a new site in WordPress. Lots of steps, plugins, options, settings, installations and configurations, but you'll be ready for prime time.

Please renew your domain name

Your domain name is like the deed to your house--it's extremely important. Your domain name should be under your name (not mine, not the registrar's not your cousin's) and you should keep an eye on the expiration date. If your domain expires and you don't notice or don't do anything about it, your website will [...]

Domain Name Registration: My Real Address?

The governing body of domain names, ICANN, says you should have "not false" information about yourself as the domain name owner (see article on GoDaddy website here). My guess is that it's so when they're tracking down spammers they can find the information about the guilty party and go after them. It basically says this: [...]

GoDaddy :: Update/Add Credit Card

If your domain is going to expire at GoDaddy and you need to update your credit card expiration date or add a new credit card, here are the steps you need to follow. 1.) Go to this page: 2.) Sign in: Customer # or Login name: ******** Password: ******* 3.) Click "My Account" (upper [...]

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