Who names their branding company after a small island in a poor east African country?

I do.

Why? Because there’s a story behind it. A memorable story. In fact, the story is so memorable, you might forget my name, but you’ll remember something about a magical island in Africa where a man found a woman. That’s all you need to know. That’s branding.

What does your brand say? Or rather, what do others think your brand says? Have you asked them? Have you had other people ask them? Do they think what you think? Where’s the divide?

“Dude, enough with the branding philosophy. Could we get down the nitty-gritty techno babble, please?”

Likoma DesignSure, I’ll build your WordPress website that people can’t stop looking at, set you up with a mailing list people can’t wait to get on and ideally get you so much new business you’ll need to re-analyze your goals. But we need to get your brand clear. We need a message that gets across in a matter of seconds.

I don’t want to “make your logo bigger.” If you start talking to me about PHP and SQL, I might hang up. We’ll handle the techno garbage so you don’t have to. I want you to succeed and I want to help you get there. Are you open to help? Are you willing to listen to experts and act on their advice? Or do you need some time to think about it?

Drop us a note if you’d like to have a quick 15-minute chat and we’ll see if our stars are aligned. If not, no hard feelings and we’ll both move on. But if you’re ready to find your brand and shine it until it sparkles, let’s talk.