Laurie King

Laurie and I have worked together to really move companies ahead. Their websites, their collateral, their newsletters. Laurie has a strategy and makes you stick to it.

Nature Nurture

Laurie King is at it again! But the thing is, she's become such a WordPress pro that all I need to do is install WordPress on the server, upload the theme she's already picked out, configure a few settings and plugins, and she's off to the races.

Gaines-Jones Education Foundation

The Gaines-Jones Education Foundation needed a website that they could add to on their own. They wanted to be able to add new content, new images, upload PDFs, maybe have some fading featured news on the home page. Ready for the answer? WordPress. What a surprise.

Dead Love

Linda Watanabe McFerrin has a new book coming out: Dead Love (

Bay Area Travel Writers

Bay Area Travel Writers had been using a custom-coded website for many years and worked very well ... until the custom coder was too busy to help. Combining Memberclicks and WordPress, they're back in action and just about anyone with a browser and a knowledge of cut and paste can add content.

What’s Up Down Under

Laurie King is at it again. What's Up Down Under is her latest site revival. Was an ancient HTML site, but we brought it back to life with WordPress -- and WAY back to life.

An Erotic Alphabet

Laurie King needed yet another site (,,, so we whipped one into shape this afternoon:

Hot Flashes Sexy Stories

The women of "Hot Flashes" are on a mission: "We think that the pleasures of being human and "in the flesh" get short shrift in our daily lives." They needed a site to help promote their books invite reader and writers for future books, and sell their steamy stories. Have a look ...

Laurie King

Laurie McAndish King is travel writer whose essays have been published in anthologies such as 30 Days in Italy, The Thong Also Rises, and the award-winning The Kindness of Strangers. Her work has also been published in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine and aired on KUSF radio. Laurie has studied medicinal plants in Argentina and [...]

Travel Writers News

Laurie King's very popular Travel Writers News ( is packed with news and leads for travel writers.

Queen of Quick Books

Pamela Lyons (aka The Queen of QuickBooks) needed a site where she could put up a monthly advice column for bookkeeping, list her classes, and show off her talents in the royal world of bookkeeping.

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