Querido Galdo

Querido Galdo is a top-class designer whose work is unique and dazzling.


Together with Querido Galdo, we've gone another smart-looking beauty to unveil.

MIV Action Fund

With just a few icon treatments, Querido turns a regular site into a colorful collection of useful information.


Here's what you get when you mix beautiful photography, design, and development into one delicious delight.

Metal Arts Guild

Working together with Querido Galdo, we transformed an average StudioPress theme into a powerful media powerhouse for the Metal Arts Guild.

Portfolio of Passions

Working together with the fabulously talented Querido Galdo, we got Leanne Grossman a beauty of a website.

Boom California

UC Press has a new magazine coming out: Boom California. With the expert design talent of Querido Galdo, we put together quite a show for the magazine site.

Film Quarterly

Film Quarterly had a good site with lots of content. But managing that content had become troublesome. They had years and years of archived content: images, copy, covers, photos, etc. They needed a site that could handle all of that content in a user-friendly--and visitor-friendly--way.

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