Flash Fader

Flash Fader puts a fading Flash slideshow into your site customizable by the user (size, frequency, etc.) and the user can upload and remove images at their leisure.

Rip Gerber

Rip Gerber needed a site that went beyond one of his first books (pharmathriller.com) and pulled together all of his books. At ripgerber.com, Rip can now add all of his books, writing, accolades, book covers, blurbs, the whole caboodle.

Kim Brown Seely

Kim Brown Seely has a stunning new site to showcase her writing. We found an excellent theme at ThemeForest, customized a few bits, added her content and voila!

Living Abroad in Costa Rica Blog

Erin Van Rheenen needed a blog site to work alongside her main site so she could easily blog from the road. With Laurie King at the marketing and strategy helm, we did just that.

Young’s Travel Services

Ellen Young (youngstravelservices.com) needed a site for her travel services. Gil Zeimer, copywriter extraordinaire (zeimer.com) worked the copy and provided the far-away photos and Likoma put it all together with a one-way-ticket to WordPress.

Todd Coaching

Working together with The M-Line and Tim Johnson, we put together a beauty of a site for Todd Coaching (toddcoachingexcellence.com). From custom fields for thumbnails to pulling in certain categories pulled into a home page widget, this site has bells and whistles written all over it. But at first glance, you're not overwhelmed with the bells or the whistles, you just get: professional and elegant.

Collage Gallery

The Collage Gallery (collage-gallery.com) needed a site they could update easily but also show off the beauty of the work. Working together with John Muldoon (thewatermarkgroup.org), we gathered up Delisa's best shots from her gallery, stapled on an easy-to-navigate framework, glued it all together with a bit of WordPress and we were open for business.

The Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company

They had a site and had some information on it The Young People's Teen Musical Theatre Company, but the people who were updating it didn't have much time and only those people knew how to make updates. Sound familiar?

Sozai Restaurant and Sake Lounge

Mari Takahashi needed a new site to showcase her beautiful Japanese food. She wanted to be able to update menu items, display specials, and of course have photos of the dee-lish dishes.

Windom International

Gillian Khoo liked the look of her site, but couldn't edit it. Now she has a site that looks as she likes it and she can edit.

Mara Reid Rogers Cooks

Mara Reid Rogers (marareidrogerscooks.com) has written nine cookbooks, several of which have been main selections for national book clubs. When The South The Beautiful Cookbook was published, a book she co-authored, it was lauded as "One of the year's top ten cookbooks," according to Nation's Restaurant News and also picked as "prime choice" by reviewers [...]

English Teachers Everywhere

Kevin McCaughey's English Teachers Everywhere provides MP3s, newsletters, and news to English Teaching students around the world.

Stories to Last

At Stories to Last (www.storiestolast.com), we write Personal Biographies for individuals, families, and organizations to help preserve your invaluable stories in professionally bound, beautifully designed, fully illustrated books. And we make it easy and fun for you! We realize that life is busy, the process can seem overwhelming, but we also know that someday those [...]

Culture Jam

A swarm of volunteers took over this site and added hundreds of items for sale (titles, descriptions, prices, categories, etc.) and the site grew and grew. The event was a huge success.

Michelle Gagnon

Michelle Gagnon, San Francisco Writer, Editor, Model (www.michellegagnon.com). An old, abandoned tunnel system beneath a prestigious New England college becomes the gruesome stalking ground of a serial killer…

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