Maybe I should use the Magazine template more … and Canvas for WOO Commerce.

Magazine Page Template Fix

The Magazine page template always seems to get a fix or two. Either (1) it’s always broken or, more likely (2) it’s used quite a bit so there are lots of requests to fix or update parts of it. Basically, I don’t think to use it very much, but maybe this is a reminder that I should. There are three parts to it and it can do some fancy tricks. A client just called (see screenshot below) about their old (non-Canvas) theme (that I built a few years ago) and it was, surprise surprise, breaking with some PHP upgrade. Oh, you mean that old theme doesn’t have a change log and updates and maintenance releases and, you know, a long-term strategy? Maybe Canvas would work for that? Let’s check out that magazine page template again and see if we can’t replicate what they had with that other theme.

Canvas for WOO Commerce

WOO has some great e-commerce themes built just for WOO Commerce. They are dazzling. But maybe they’re one-trick ponies. Canvas does a great job with WOO Commerce and you can make it looks like another commerce theme if you’d like and still have the power of Canvas under the hood. Win win!

2013.12.16 – version 5.5.5
* Fix – Fixes pagination in the Magazine page template and component widget.

* New – Fixed product reviews layout for WooCommerce 2.1

* Tweak – Related products layout now uses woocommerce_output_related_products_args filter

* Tweak – Featured images in posts in the magazine grid layout link to the post

Canvas 5.5.6 came out shortly after 5.5.5 with a quick fix:

2013.12.19 – version 5.5.6
* Fix – Remove erroneous closing php tag.

This is not Canvas ... but that's OK, we're going to make Canvas look like this with the Magazine template.

This is not Canvas … but that’s OK, we’re going to make Canvas look like this with the Magazine template.