Probably the most popular category on this site. Help with getting your email on the road, setting up your email program to work with your new domain, etc.

Starting a WordPress hosting business? Plan your exit strategy.

Don't host your client's email. Jus' sayin.'

7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps

Is it time to get a real email address? Maybe something professional?

Where do I paste my coupon code for Google Apps for Work?

It's not obvious!

50% Off Google Apps for Work Coupon

50% off of Google Apps? It's going to go fast.

Coupon Codes for Google Apps

I can't pass the Google Apps Coupon Codes out fast enough. Let's see if this system works.

Switching email hosts can be easy! Or a nightmare.

Switching email hosts can be like moving houses. Smooth or rough.

Google Apps for Work Support

24/7 phone support for Google Apps for Work.

$10 Off Coupon for Google Apps for Work

$10 off per user per year for Google Apps. What's not to love?

Is your PHP conflicting with your SMTP to break your SES?

Just trying to get a form notification sent out.

My Contact Form Isn’t Emailing Me

Someone fills out your contact form but you don't get the mail?

Flattery Will Get You … Spam?

Did someone leave a nice comment on your site? Hmm, look closely, it might be spam. Sorry!


When you register a domain, it's quite a bit like buying a house: just like at city hall, your name is now out there in public. You have options.

Attention: Important Notice. Domain Service Notice

How do you know when these legit-sounding emails are, well, legit? You sometimes need to actually read that fine print.

Delete Your Old Accounts

If you don't use an email address any longer, delete it. It's not always as easy to do as you think!

Google Apps No Longer Free

Google has announced a change to Google Apps that ends the option to create free accounts for groups of 10 or fewer users. Ow, that hurt.


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