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Please note: these codes are only valid in the United States. If you are outside of the United States, these codes will not work.

I used to have the codes in a spreadsheet, but I’m trying to make it easier for you to get the codes and for me to help manage them. Please just click the button below, fill in your email and you’ll get the code to that email. That’s it! Thank you for visiting.

Google Apps for Work Coupon

IMPORTANT: it’s not that easy to figure out exactly where you have to put the coupon code! Here’s help: where to put your coupon code once you’ve signed up with Google Apps for Work.

You can read below for how I used to do this.


I’m using Google Apps to share … Coupon Codes for Google Apps

I set up a shared Google Doc to share some Google Apps coupon codes. Let's see how this works.

I set up a shared Google Doc to share some Google Apps coupon codes. Let’s see how this works.

I have lots of Google Apps for Work coupon codes to share. But I just have a list of them and I don’t know how best to share them. I’ve been just emailing them to people who request them, but I can’t keep up with the demand and I feel bad that I might not respond so quickly and I’m going to bet people want to sign up right then and there.

Let’s test the ingenuity of my visitors.

So I’m trying an experiment. I’m going to share a link to an editable Google Sheet where I’ll list a limited number of the Google Apps for Work coupon codes and hope that people will just take the coupon code they need, insert a date and a note so that I know that code is being used.

So, if you’re ready to get your code, follow the link from the button below and just:

  1. Copy the code from the spreadsheet
  2. Enter the date.
  3. Enter a note if you’d like.
  4. Please don’t delete the other codes or share them elsewhere.

That’s it! Here’s the link. Thanks for visiting.