Why can’t it just be so easy that I don’t have to read the manual?

I finally figured out how to get the Facebook API to work with the social media count for the Elegant Themes Monarch plugin.

Let’s check out the options:

  1. Just forget it. Don’t bother with any of it. Just give up and do nothing.
  2. Go simpler. Find another option.
  3. Give it your best. Try it, test it, figure it out.
  4. Hire someone else. Pay for it, make it go away.

But you have to do something. Number one is “doing something.” It’s choosing to not do it. But here’s the thing. If you don’t do it, someone else is going to do it. Maybe that doesn’t matter. If it matters, you’ll want to do something and it’s up to you whether or not you want to read the manual. Can you tell how long it’s going to take to get done? Will you have to do it again and again or just this once? What is the cost and benefit of getting it done?

I tried number three and got through it. I also figured out how to do it so I don’t have to learn it again.