Update in one place and it’s automatically updated everywhere. Yay!

Now that I’m only in the business of working on the content of my own sites (e.g. Book Sales Pages that Sell More Books), I’m even more aware of time-saving tips using WordPress.

I figured this out accidentally (because I, ahem, didn’t actually read the manual), but it’s something I’ve been wanting for years!

Just because I’m not building WordPress sites for clients doesn’t mean I’m not using WordPress. In fact, now that I’m out there promoting my own work and marketing my books, I’m even happier to find fantastic tools in new WordPress themes like Divi that are just a joy to use.

Let’s say you have a piece of content that you would like repeated on many pages. Maybe a call to action, an email list signup or a branding item that goes in many places. But then you have the element on 27 pages and you have an update. Uh oh.

Does that mean you have to change it 27 times? Nope! With Divi’s builder, you save the template (or your row or section) as a Global Template and then the content is automatically updated to whatever you changed it to.

As with all good discoveries, I figured this one out by accident when I noticed that my content was changing on all of my pages–although I didn’t want it to!

I’m turning to Elegant Themes and the Divi team to explain and show how to use these powerful tools when you make the choice to go with Divi.

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Divi's Global Library Items help save you time with your WordPress site

Divi’s Global Library Items help save you time with your WordPress site