When does it matter if a theme has lots of sales or downloads or followers?

If you’ve ever bought a WordPress theme, you’ve certainly wondered why to go with this one over that one. You try to compare apples to apples, you read some reviews and you do check out the numbers.

But what it really comes down to is: which theme has true fans?

Divi has an outrageous number of sites dedicated to building, fixing, improving, tweaking and just playing with it. I’m long beyond my days of tinkering under the WordPress hood or even bothering how to spell CSS or PHP, but it’s important to note that there are fans out there who back a theme. Here are just a handful without breaking a sweat:

  1. elegantdivilayouts.com – Divi Layout Templates
  2. divithemeexamples.com – Elegant Themes Divi showcase
  3. elegantmarketplace.com – Divi Themes and More Marketplace | WordPress and Plugins
  4. quiroz.co/divi-tutorials-much/divi-resources – Ultimate Divi Resource Collection | Divi Tutorials and More

Who are these people!? Sure, they’re certainly selling add-ons or services or consulting, but the fact that they’re all behind a single company, even a single theme, tells volumes about that theme.

So, does it matter if a theme you’re using for your site is popular?

Yeah, it does.