How can you get more traffic to your site? Share what you love about your favorite products and services.

I post a lot. (No, a lot.) I write about all kinds of topics: parenting, tech, travel, etc. When I do, I often mention products or services or companies that have helped me or have just provided an excellent tool or service.

When it comes from the heart, it’s easy.

Beautiful book cover created in Canva

Beautiful book cover created in Canva

I don’t write about products I don’t know. I write about those with which I have had direct and personal experience. When you’re happy with a product, it’s easy to write about: just write about your experiences. Here are a few examples of products mentioned in my posts:

  • G Suite: The Google tools (email, docs, spreadsheets, etc.) that I use on a daily basis. Using Google Apps for Your Domain.
  • Canva: I only wish this tool was around years ago. An online and (mostly) free graphics tool that rivals Photoshop. Canva even contacted me directly to thank me for mentioning their product and said they would help promote any further mentions of Canva I posted. If you’re looking for traffic, this is a great partnership–win win! Could the Book Sales Page be a key to setting your creative beast free?
  • Mobile WiFi in Europe: Just straightforward, helpful content for potentially complicated issues and I mention a few products and services that I recommend. Mobile WiFi in Europe

It’s truly that simple. Show the Love and share the benefits.