John Muldoon

John works with companies to help them work better. He also does some crazy stuff like increase traffic to a site by 40% after a quick fix and a 10-minute phone call. Sound like magic? It kinda is. But he can work it–and explain it in English–and you’ll be the better for it. More traffic and more conversions? Get in touch with John.

Bancroft Hotel

The Bancroft Hotel had a website, but it was built mostly with images so no search engine (or person, for that matter) could easily find them. Hmm, how to fix that?

Stan Goldberg

Stan Goldberg's site wasn't easy to update and iWeb made it so that some of the text was images--and so not searchable by Google. WordPress automatically makes your site better optimized for search engines.

Loïc Photography

Loïc Nicolas ( needed a site that he could add to on a regular basis easily--but with style.

Carolyn Tillie

Together with Dio Luria and John Muldoon, we transformed Carolyn Tillie's jewelry site into a lean, mean, e-commerce machine. We found the WPA theme on ThemeForest and it's a beaut.

San Quentin T.R.U.S.T.

Working together with John Muldoon of The Watermark Group, we set up a beautiful theme, added some customization, content, copy, and the site was live.

Collage Gallery

The Collage Gallery ( needed a site they could update easily but also show off the beauty of the work. Working together with John Muldoon (, we gathered up Delisa's best shots from her gallery, stapled on an easy-to-navigate framework, glued it all together with a bit of WordPress and we were open for business.

Queen of Quick Books

Pamela Lyons (aka The Queen of QuickBooks) needed a site where she could put up a monthly advice column for bookkeeping, list her classes, and show off her talents in the royal world of bookkeeping.

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