Photo Gallery

The WP Gallery2 (G2) plugin integrates WordPress and Gallery2 extremely well. Move from your main website to your full-featured photo album in one click. Embed photos in your site, show thumbnails, play a slideshow, it’s all there.

Fashion Eye for Men

Joui Turandot needed a rebranding from her "Joui Style" brand and site to take it to the next level. Beyond just Joui and her style, but focusing on her clients and what she was going to do to help those clients: Fashion Eye for Men was born.

Good Looking Ideas

Lauren Deane of Good Looking Ideas ( wanted a site that she could update herself but didn't sacrifice design style. In fact, she wanted a site that didn't sacrifice anything.

Loïc Photography

Loïc Nicolas ( needed a site that he could add to on a regular basis easily--but with style.

Kim Brown Seely

Kim Brown Seely has a stunning new site to showcase her writing. We found an excellent theme at ThemeForest, customized a few bits, added her content and voila!

Collage Gallery

The Collage Gallery ( needed a site they could update easily but also show off the beauty of the work. Working together with John Muldoon (, we gathered up Delisa's best shots from her gallery, stapled on an easy-to-navigate framework, glued it all together with a bit of WordPress and we were open for business.

Julie Gorton

Julie Gorton ( needed a simple site to show a gallery of her work. WordPress + SimpleViewer and done. SimpleViewer creates a beautiful slide show of images that are easy to update. It does a nice job of using a simple backend to still create a Flash slide show.

Foster Travel Publishing

Lee Foster was looking to overhaul his travel writing and travel photography site. He had quite a complex set up with CNAME entries leading to custom URLs at PhotoShelter, a custom shopping cart that worked with PayPal, 250+ articles with loads of text, images, slideshows, and a blog at TypePad? Whew. Ready?

Ugo Baldassari

Ugo Baldassari needed a professional site for his real estate practice. With Paschal Sabatella at the creative design helm and WordPress in the engine room, we together came up with

Bay Area Travel Writers

Bay Area Travel Writers had been using a custom-coded website for many years and worked very well ... until the custom coder was too busy to help. Combining Memberclicks and WordPress, they're back in action and just about anyone with a browser and a knowledge of cut and paste can add content.

The Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company

They had a site and had some information on it The Young People's Teen Musical Theatre Company, but the people who were updating it didn't have much time and only those people knew how to make updates. Sound familiar?

Bluegrass Assisted Living

Blue Grass Assisted Living needed a site where they could add some photos and news on a regular basis. They didn't need a complete redesign, just a fresh coat of paint and well, keys to the house.

San Francisco Softball

With the help of some banner WordPress plugins, SF Softball has a site they can love, use, and update.

Diane LeBow

Diane LeBow ( is a writer, photographer, and world traveler who needed a site that could keep up with her.

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