Portfolio of design work: websites, graphics, logos, business cards, etc.

San Francisco Sentinel

The San Francisco Sentinel needed a bit of liveliness. We got them that. The site was one of those old text-based, 3-column functional sites that held loads of content and was very readable, but didn't really have any character. Now it has character galore. Together with the ever-popular Lauren Deane Evans of Good Looking Ideas, we [...]

Clean Canvas

Clean Canvas is a Canvas child theme that is free ... and clean. So clean, there's nothing to it! No customizations, no code, no CSS, no nada. It's just an empty theme that allows you to do what you want.

Congregation Kol Shofar

Custom background images, home page slider, Google calendar, forums, Eventbrite, oh my. Together with the uber-talented Querido Galdo, we turned out a beauty of a site for Kol Shofar. We have on-site photography from the congregation to the point that we have custom-background images on an almost per-page basis (using the powerful Background Manager plugin). [...]

W+ Design Studio

Keeping things stark, clean, and lean for this architect's site. Using the power of the architectural work and leaving the design minimalist lets visitors to W+ Design Studio's new site focus on their work (not the website's fancy features). In fact, we're keeping "fancy features" out of the way with this site and only using simple [...]

Northern California Enamel Guild

So now you DO have loads of beautiful artwork to display. What now? Especially with colorful artwork, let the work show for itself, and subdue the background palette. Let the beautiful work do the heavy lifting and back off with background colors and too much getting in the way of the art. Together with Querido [...]

Transform Agriculture

What can you do with your book cover? Lots. You have a book and, let's see, the book, the front cover, the back cover, the insides, OK, that's good. We have enough. It doesn't take much to make a "brand" out of a book for an author. Just a book cover with a title and [...]

Green River Financial

Together with a graphic design pro, a site can quickly look professional with just a few simple changes. I often get the question, "So do I really need a graphic designer?" It's the same if you're going to design your house or kitchen: sure, you can do it yourself, but you probably know what you're [...]


What do you get with a hip product, great photography, and a clean layout? This site could have been a few snapshots and a PayPal button. But they hired a professional photographer, an SEO pro, and a WOO Canvas Expert and this site is a head-turning e-commerce beauty. The design team liked the layout of [...]