Post Date

The WordPress publish date (or time stamp) is a handy tool to help you sort your content.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags can both be used to help your visitor find content on your site. But they're different ... and the same.

Add New Post as Author

This video covers what an "Author" (a WordPress user level) sees and can do when they're posting their first posts to a WordPress site.

Pages vs. Posts

It's important for users new to WordPress to have a good understanding of what pages and posts are and when to use them.

Featured Image

The featured image is a powerful tool in WordPress publishing. Upload an image once and it can show up multiple times in multiple formats and sizes.

Custom Menus in Sidebar

With Custom Menus, you can now drag and drop whatever you'd like into a custom menu and even put it into a sidebar (instead of something like a Page menu manager plugin). Here's how.

Screen Options

The much-sought-after WordPress Screen Options can help you find modules allows you to show or hide modules on some screens and show or hide columns (of those modules) on other screens.

Display name publicly as

You just wrote a comment on a WordPress site and it's showing your full name but you really only wanted to show your first name only.

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